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Digital billboards are slowly starting to spread everywhere, considering that more and more businesses are starting to choose them as their choice of marketing and branding. However, there is a very good reason behind such a trend: digital billboards work.

Not only do digital billboards work effectively in terms of acquiring attention, they also offer a great opportunity for creatively building the brand image of a company or an organization. As opposed to overused and outdated marketing platforms and tactics, with the help of digital billboards, companies can get very creative.

Digital billboards offer endless opportunities for exposure and branding. The beauty of digital billboards lies in its public visibility, which offers virtually limitless chances for upping the brand exposure of your business, as well as spreading your brand message to the masses all at once.
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Why Advertise On Digital Billboards?

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They reach
of the U.S. population
(16+) each week

They reach
of the population
each week

of consumers notice
digital billboards

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How Does it Work?

  • Plan and budget In 6-Month
  • Saturate your audience and
    repeat your ad
  • Focus on corridors where your
    audience travels

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Consumers Take Action

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of viewers visit the advertiser’s website, physical store or social media account after seeing a digital billboard


of viewers say digital billboards encourage them to search online

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Boost the
Effectiveness of
Other Advertising

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Mobile Ad
Campaigns are
More Effective by


Path 1239

Social Media is
More Effective by


Path 1240

Radio Ads are
More Effective by


Path 1241

TV Campaigns are
More Effective by


Path 1242

Paid Search Ads
More Effective by


Boost Credibility
and Loyalty

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increase in perception of
brand quality


greater customer

Reach Younger

Adults 18-34 are most heavily
engaged with billboards

Best Practices

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